I am very fortunate to work with companies that share qualities which I believe are essential for the creation of beautiful collections. Starting with exquisite design, then using the highest quality production techniques which range from centuries-old handcrafted methods to the latest high tech processes, the result is an offering of collections where the whole process from design to finished product is carried out by them alone.  

These are all companies where the owners also manage the business and are driven by an intense desire to offer the highest quality product and service to their customers. My belief in and passion for the products and companies I represent are key to what drives Calvert Agency.

I regularly organise visits to the factories and facilities of these companies for my clients, and during these, I see the appreciation for the production techniques used from even the most world-weary of designers. It’s moments like these that endorse the ethos and soul of the brands created by the companies that I work for.

Caroline Calvert
Owner, Calvert Agency

Lapalma and Brokis are available through Calvert Agency for UK and EIRE and Gandia Blasco, GAN and Diaba for the UK. Click on the logos below to find out more…