Lapalma was founded in the 1980’s by the Marcato brothers, Dario and Romano. Their initial enthusiasm for combining metal wood and leather to produce the first pieces of their collection has endured and developed to the current, complete, award-winning collection of products, updated with colour, comfort, personality and elegance. These days Lapalma is equally suited to contract or home, hospitality or office.

In many ways Lapalma is a traditional Italian manufacturer, selecting best quality raw materials and processing them in their own workshops, using both the latest technology and handcrafted techniques. Operating out of their new headquarters based near Padova in NE Italy, with an ever watchful eye on the most environmentally advantageous route to take, Lapalma convert these noble materials to finished products under their own roof.

The quality starts from the design and with contributions from international designers of global renown, under the direction of Dario and Romano with the Art Director, Francesco Rota, Lapalma offers you a collection of furniture that combines their trademark quality with exquisite clean lines.

These are words that Lapalma use to describe themselves:

“Lapalma is a brand, but first and foremost it is a place of work and a laboratory, whose strengths are the skills and know-how of expert craftsmen who share with the company’s founders a commitment and a passion for their work that is transmitted to all who work here.”

We invite you to share their passion!

Caroline Calvert

For all enquiries on Lapalma products, whether you are a designer, specifier, dealer or end user please contact me for further information:


0777 923 8778

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