Family run company Gandia Blasco was founded by the father of Jose Gandia Blasco in 1940’s, focusing on textiles but moving into the design and production of furniture and outdoor spaces in the mid-‘90s.

The first outdoor furniture from Gandia Blasco, ‘NaXemena’ was designed and made for the terrace of the family’s beautiful villa in NaXemena, Ibiza. Gandia Blasco had created something unique and well ahead of its time. The architectural geometry of NaXemena has become known as a timeless and iconic design.

Soon the demand grew for this type of product and similarly simple elegant and glamorous outdoor pieces and the outdoor brand was launched.

These days Gandia Blasco draws on inspiration from many internationally renowned designers to build their diverse collection. Products are made in their own facilities using the most robust and sustainable materials to ensure the furniture is suitable to be used in the most challenging of locations, whether it be a roof terrace in London, a Caribbean resort or Mediterranean poolside. A further leaning towards contemporary architecture came with the creation of the Outdoor Spaces range of DayBeds, Tipis and Pergolas systems.

The unique personality of their creations means it is more than just a furniture collection; these are fresh, elegant products that complement each other to produce settings for enjoying the outdoors in true Mediterranean style, wherever your outdoor space is. Today the brand Gandia Blasco is synonymous with all that is stylish and chic for the outdoors.

We invite you to step outside!

Caroline Calvert

For all enquiries on Gandia Blasco products, whether you are a designer, specifier, dealer or end user please contact me for further information:


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