GAN is the indoor brand of Gandia Blasco. In the 1980’s when Jose Gandia Blasco reinvented the core business of Gandia Blasco of textile and rug making, GAN was born.

The new brand, masterminded by Mapi Millet is a contemporary of Jose’s and with a tireless curiosity for new craft techniques has the following philosophy:

“What defines and sets GAN apart is our appreciation for products made by hand, gently piece by piece. All of our products are made in India by experienced craftsmen who use natural fibres, cotton, linen, jute, silk and wool. GAN is an interior design concept based around handmade objects.”

For me to present GAN to designers is always a pleasure. The brand offers so much in terms of variety, inventiveness and beauty as well as being fantastic value for money. GAN is being specified for many commercial projects as well as residential spaces.

Their ongoing work in India helps to develop the local economy and communities and sponsors a women’s development project, which makes me feel incredibly proud to represent this brand.

Caroline Calvert

For all enquiries on GAN Rugs, whether you are a designer, specifier, dealer or end user please contact me for further information:


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