Brokis is the creation of Jan Rabell, who decided to make use of the exceptional craftsmanship of the glassblowers of his Janstejn Glassworks to build a new brand of decorative glass lighting. This need to revive an ailing Bohemian tradition of glassblowing in this area of Czech Republic has produced an exceptional and exquisite collection. The Janstejn glassworks is the largest producer of speciality lighting glass in the Czech Republic and many of the glass structures used by other brands have come from Janstejn, illustrating the unique skills only found at this glassworks.

Brokis use international designers, under the direction of Lucie Koldova to develop bold compositions, involving glass structures that are exceptional both in quality and size combined with other handcrafted materials, wood and metal. Each floor, pendant, wall and table light is a unique testament to their craftsmanship.

The Collection has become world acclaimed and constantly pushes the boundaries of lighting design and glass making technologies.

Brokis is a brand to watch and wonder over!

Caroline Calvert

For all enquiries on Brokis Lighting products, whether you are a designer, specifier, dealer or end user please contact me for further information:


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