With lighting IP54, Brokis can now be specified for your outdoor projects.


A new product Bonbori was created by world-renowned Japanese designer Fumie Shibata, who took inspiration from the traditional paper lamps that line the paths to shrines and temples during the annual paddy harvest festivals in Japan.

In Japanese, the word ‘bonbori’ not only denotes this traditional form of lighting, it also describes the soft light coming from within a snowy cave.

Shadows Exterior

Shadows Exterior is a new model of the indoor version, replacing the handmade wood with weatherproof dural fittings. Install in singles or multiples for best effect.



Nightbirds are now also available as an outdoor model, select Brokisglass for the most decorative and sustainable result. Again, create clouds with multiple fittings.

Other news

Lucie Koldova Introduces Sfera

Lucie Koldova, art director, designer and dynamic driving force behind the creative side of Brokis, presents her new design Sfera. This is something new from Brokis as it allows us to participate in projects with higher quantities with a lower price point and the simple structure gives greater flexibility, allowing creativity in building configurations.

I will let Lucie explain:


You can also download the latest Brokis brochure below: